Branding Your Practice Through Custom Web Design and High Impact Social Media Presence


This program explains the process of how patients find, view and choose your dental practice online.

Does your practice branding represent your business in the most impactful way possible? Are you maximizing website visibility to increase new patient acquisition? What are the critical elements you need to ensure visibility in those key positions across the web? We will discuss the importance of having a modern
looking responsive website. Show you strategic ways to keep your practice in front of these potential new patients and discuss the importance of a lead management system.

Learn how people research and choose your practice online and how you can maximize this opportunity to reach new patients and engage existing ones.


At the completion of the program attendees will be able to do the following:
  • Describe branding and how it impacts your practice
  • Define your brand
  • How patients find your practice website
  • Describe modern responsive website design
  • Identify your current web search findability
  • Describe Lead Management and its value for practice growth
  • Identify concrete action steps to improve web marketing for your practice


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