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Refreshdental is a dental practice consulting firm that offers expert assistance to help you plan, execute, and manage significant changes within your practice. Services include team building and leadership development, practice growth solutions, and strategic online marketing support customized specifically for today's cutting-edge dental practitioners.


Refreshdental emerged from companion company Hayden Education in 2017 to meet the demand for our unique approach to change management facilitation, leadership development, and customized practice branding.

tamara niedzolkowski

Tamara Niedzolkowski works with dental clients all over New England, helping them customize their brand identity marketing strategies and improving overall team performance. She provides insightful, action-oriented solutions that lead to positive, meaningful change and growth in the dental practice.

As an organizational development specialist, Tamara acts as a catalyst to help your practice improve its capabilities. As a leadership coach, Tamara will collaborate with your team to develop leadership and create a high functioning work environment while fostering learning, dialogue, and innovation. As a branding consultant, Tamara will help you define your practice's identity and then develop and execute effective marketing strategies specific to your needs. She is dedicated to assisting individuals and organizations achieve their goals while supporting integrity, enhancing team spirit, and fostering excellence in the workplace.

The Catalyst: Stories and Insights

The Catalyst is an occasional publication by Tamara Niedzolkowski. This blog explores ideas that spark motivation and inspire positive change within the dental practice.

FALL 2019 | SEPTEMBER 6, 2019




"Tamara has helped me gain the confidence as an owner and helped me make a plan and execute all my goals that I thought were impossible to achieve. I am so impressed with how on top of things she is, her response time to our questions and how she makes you feel like you are the most important project on her very busy plate. I could not speak highly enough of Refreshdental. We think of Tamara as just another team member in our practice. I would highly recommend her and her business to any new dental business owner or any owner looking to revamp their direction and brand."

DR. ANDREA TALIENTO McBRIDE   / Maplewood Dental Arts

"Tamara is fantastic. She came in during a major move and helped us adapt our systems to the new space and technology. She listened to our vision, and made it her mission to not only get us there, but got the entire staff to endorse it, love it, and live by it. She understands how to build a brand, and her unique bird's eye view is just what we needed to stay on track to meet our goals. Growth costs money but Tamara proves that it's worth every penny."

DR. ZACK GOLDMAN   / Tewksbury Dental Associates

"I have been working with Tamara closely for a good year now and I can't say enough about how much she has been able to help guide me personally and professionally to reach my goals. With her help I have been able to facilitate and lead my office in many areas of growth... Our new patients are at an all time high and we have 90% of our practice scheduled for future hygiene appointments. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with her to bring our office to the highest level achievable. Thanks Tamara!"

JEN ELYSE   / Clinical Manager


& Identity

Define your practice by maximizing your brand identity and creating a unique presence in the market.

Leadership Development

Identify and coach key leaders to optimize practice management and employee engagement.


Growth solutions to drive your practice forward and achieve your desired goals and objectives.


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