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The overall health and performance of your organization is our focus. We provide customized needs assessment and goal setting with each client which identifies a series of solutions individually tailored for you, your team, and your practice.


Customized branding should define and enhance the qualities and values that your practice has to offer. We collaborate with you to define your personality and the core values of your practice and then work with you to build your message. The story of your brand will serve as a common thread running through the visuals, messaging, and every interaction you have with current and future patients. Content created exclusively for your identity, online and otherwise, will set you apart from the competition, engage existing patients, and attract new ones.
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The strength of a leader lies in their ability to effectively communicate ideas, model the behavior they desire in others, and inspire the group to work together for a common goal. To transform culture, the leader must obtain trust and motivate others while developing the capabilities of all team members.

We believe every leader has the potential to create an environment that fosters commitment and personal pride. When a team experiences outstanding communication, collaboration, and a common vision for success, all of your goals become attainable.


Growth strategy should be unique to each practice. To be effective, it must be comprised of a variety of action steps and tools tailored to maximize the true potential of your business.

We work with you to review and refine your practice values, define your objectives, and determine your business goals, then we create a comprehensive growth plan to help you achieve those goals.

You can read more about the broad range of growth solutions we offer our clients in our article, "Practice Growth Comes in Many Forms."


Coaching creates a confidential and objective opportunity to enable self-awareness and self-reflection. Patterns of behavior that affect decisions can be evaluated and revised to align with driving personal and business goals forward. A coach challenges thinking and problem-solving styles while further developing communication methods and strategies to ensure clear, effective, and collaborative communication. Coaching can help you get clear about your goals, identify blind spots, be accountable, acquire leadership skills and increase engagement.

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Our programs are participant driven, customized and interactive. We can tailor content to be delivered to your team in the office, your study club or larger conferences and events. Read more about a few of our programs:

Team building workshops and team training programs can be custom designed specifically for your practice. Contact us if you would like to learn more about Refreshdental programs.


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