Create a Coaching Culture in Your Organization to Improve Practice Performance


The strength of a leader lies in their ability to effectively communicate ideas, influence others to engage and perform, model the behavior they desire in others, and inspire the group to join together in accomplishing common goals. To transform culture, however, the leader must obtain trust while enhancing motivation
and developing the capabilities of all team members. This interactive workshop is designed to develop management’s leadership competencies and coaching skills.

Goal: Implement effective leadership and coaching strategies to improve performance with direct reports.


At the completion of the program, attendees will be able to do the following:
  • Discuss and explore differences in function and attitude of management and leadership and how strong leadership impacts direct reports
  • Understand the qualities of excellent leadership and how they enhance management strategies and execution
  • Practice self-assessment and recognize strengths as resources for meeting goals and expectations
  • Design a leadership self-development plan with concrete action steps
  • Present information/apply concepts to experiences and show a connection or an insight about improving upon current management techniques
  • Create meaningful ways to communicate the value of coaching in order to embed the coaching culture
  • Challenge preconceived notions about integrating coaching strategies into their existing management style
  • Practice using a question/active listening /coaching approach versus a telling/solving approach to managing and developing direct reports
  • Gather insight and tools to create individual development action plans and direct reports


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