Office Manager Study Club 2019

RefreshDental OM Study Group

Refreshdental OM Study Club will regroup in Maine for 2019 and we welcome new members to join! We will meet one Monday a month for six months in the Patterson Dental branch office in South Portland. Our meetings will be centered around the real life scenarios that office managers face in a practice. The format […]

Best Practices

Best Practices JPEG

The navigational sextant was perfected by a glazier in Philadelphia named John Hadley in 1731. The ability to find direction at sea took a huge leap forward. Innovative mariners, willing to strategically  use the newest tools of their trade, could plan nautical travel more specifically and accurately than ever before. Mapping improved and travel modalities […]

Practice Growth Comes in Many Forms


The most successful dental practices, no matter how large or small, are always looking for ways to improve, evolve and grow. Practice growth can come in many forms, and your most effective strategy will be uniquely suited to you. Refreshdental collaborates with you to explore all the possibilities. We focus on your personality, strengths, values, […]